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How Many Miles Have the IMPACT Navigators Run?
Navigators Chante Cavin, Rachel Gardenhire, and Kevin Heine

The IMPACT team is preparing for its fourth and final race day. Over the past four years, IMPACT Navigators have trained and run with IMPACT study participants who also joined the We Run This City program through the Greater Cleveland YMCA. Below, we break out the IMPACT Navigators’ final race season by the numbers (note that the miles run doesn't include race day).

Number of We Run This City (WRTC) teams (i.e., schools) with IMPACT participants: 21

Number of WRTC trainings attended by Navigators: 141

Number of miles Navigators have run (does not include race day): 208

Number of students interacted with: 406

Number of Navigator hours spent on school intervention: 508

Number of miles put on Navigator cars: 1,507