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What Have PRCHN Faculty and Staff Been up To?

JJ Cutuli; Benjamin J Charvat; Robert M Goerge; Nina Lalich; Claudia Coulton; Jessica A Raithel; Maryanne Schretzman; Cristobal Gacitua; David Crampton; Eun Lye Lee. From foster care to juvenile justice: Exploring characteristics of youth in three cities. Children and Youth Services Review 67 (2016) 84–94.

Freedman, D.A., Vaudrin, N; Schneider, C; Trapl, E, Ohri-Vachaspati, P; Taggart, M; Cascio, M.A., Walsh, C' and Flocke, S. (in press). Systematic review of factors influencing farmers’ market use overall and among low-income populations. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.


Lee, E, Ngendahimana, D, Olaisen, H, Dalton, J, Bebo, P, Davis, AS, Freedman, D. Developing consensus-based models of readiness and capacity for implementing farmers’ market interventions. Paper to be presented at the Innovations in Collaborative Modeling Conference. East Lansing, MI. June 2016

Joshi, K. Implementing a clinic-community partnership to promote fruit and vegetable consumption among food insecure patients with hypertension in safety net clinics. Poster to be presented at Society of General Internal Medicine Annual Meeting, Hollywood, FL, May 2016.
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