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What's New in REACH?
REACH is a series of community initiatives focused exclusively on racial and ethnic approaches to alleviating health disparities in Cuyahoga County. Working under the umbrella of the Health Improvement Partnership (HIP)-Cuyahoga consortium, the PRCHN is the anchor for HIP-Cuyahoga’s Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) sub-committee. Scroll down to read updates from the Community Health Ambassadors, Produce Prescription for Hypertension, and Healthy Food Retail Initiative.

Community Health Ambassadors TrainingCommunity Health Ambassadors
The PRCHN and its HIP-Cuyahoga partners have recruited and started training the second cohort of residents from the REACH target census tracts as Community Health Ambassadors. REACH Community Fellow Maleka Embry states that the training team is “extremely excited about the new group. We started our Week 1 retreat with a mere five people and have nearly outgrown our meeting space with more than 40 residents.” This cohort includes residents from the four target neighborhoods, including 18 from Union Miles, four from Hough (as well as two from Hough-Fairfax), four from St. Clair-Superior, and six from Central. The remainder of the residents represent neighborhoods outside of the target area. Above, Peter Whitt from Enlightenment Consultant Group discusses conflict management and emotional intelligence during Week 3 of the training workshops.

Thus far in their training, the residents have participated in workshops facilitated by Peter Whitt of Enlightenment Consultant Group, LLC that included an introduction to the health equity framework, community building, race equity, conflict management, as well as the core components of the REACH project. Monday, April 11th, marked the halfway point in their training. Guest speakers from the PRCHN and Fairhill Partners further discussed key strategies of REACH and how residents are a crucial piece in the completion of those strategies. In the weeks to come, the residents will participate in a network event where they will engage with various community partners, members, and organizations to discuss health and race equity as a group and also work together to identify assets within their community for a neighborhood Lolly the Trolley tour.

PRxHTN: Produce Prescription for Hypertension
The team is planning for the 2016 farmers' market season and expanding to three additional clinics this year: NEON in East Cleveland, NEON in Collinwood, and Care Alliance in Central. 

This spring, the team is presenting the poster 'Implementing a Clinic-Community Partnership to Promote Fruit and Vegetable Consumption among Food Insecure Patients with Hypertension in Safety Net Clinics" at two conferences. First, they presented at the Better Health Partnership's Learning Collaborative Summit (Cleveland, OH) in April 2016. In May 2016, they will also present at the annual meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine in Hollywood, FL. Above is HEAL Strategy Coordinator Kakul Joshi with Samantha Smith of the Cuyahoga County Board of Health.

REACH Healthy Food Retail update
The HIP-Cuyahoga healthy retail program is in full swing. Thus far, the program has recruited and signed Memos of Understanding with one store in East Cleveland and two in South Collinwood.
The store in East Cleveland, Hayden Food Plus, has successfully introduced five-six different varieties of fruits and vegetables, whole wheat bread and tortillas, and low-fat dairy. It also advertises Good Food Here marketing materials to guide healthy customer choices. HEAL Strategy Coordinator Kakul Joshi notes that the best way to support the Healthy Food Retail initiative is to stop by participating stores and let the store owner know the community supports his or her efforts. Hayden Food Plus is located at: 1730 Hayden Ave, Cleveland, OH 44112

Below are some before and after photos from Hayden Food Plus.  

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