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Tobacco & Lung Cancer Screening in Federally Qualified Health Centers
Case Western Reserve University is one of eight funded research institutions in the Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network (CPCRN). The Case CPCRN is led by PRCHN Associate Director Sue Flocke, PhD, and Project Director Genevieve Birkby, MS, MPH. The CPCRN’s Tobacco & Lung Cancer Screening Work Group has just released its first data brief, which summarizes the results of a national survey of federally qualified health centers to better understand their tobacco cessation and lung cancer screening practices. The Work Group is co-led by Dr. Flocke and engages faculty at five other CPCRN centers.

The Work Group developed and implemented a national survey about tobacco cessation and lung cancer screening in federally qualified health centers (FQHC). The survey was conducted during fall 2016. Birkby notes that they chose to summarize the results of the survey as a data brief because it was a concise way of sharing the information with all of the surveyed FQHCs. Two manuscripts reporting more details of the study findings are under review.

Next steps for the Work Group involve conducting follow-up interviews with selected survey respondents that will impart a deeper understanding of tobacco cessation practices and practice operations that facilitate tobacco cessation support. "Underlying all of this is the high prevalence of smokers in FQHC," Ms. Birkby adds. "Their patient population includes a high percentage of smokers, which is why we are trying to better understand what resources are available to FQHCs to aid smokers who want to quit."

Click here for more about the work of the CPCRN or of the study. 

Download a copy of Tobacco & Lung Cancer Screening in Federally Qualified Health Centers
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