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What Have PRCHN Faculty and Staff Been up To?
Anna Maria Santiago, Eun Lye Lee, Jessica L. Lucero, and Rebecca Wiersma. How Living in the ‘Hood Affects Risky Behaviors Among Latino and African American Youth. Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, 3(2), 170–209 (2017). http://www.rsfjournal.org/doi/full/10.7758/RSF.2017.3.2.08

REACH Strategy Coordinator Kakul Joshi, MPH, received a 2017 Medicine, Society and Culture Travel Grant from the Medical Humanities and Social Medicine Initiative. She presented "Produce prescriptions for food insecure patients with hypertension in safety net clinics" at the American Academy of Health Behavior Annual Conference, Tucson, AZ, March 2017. (From left Erika Trapl, PhD; Stephanie Pike, MPH; Mary Steinhart, PhD (University of Texas, Austin); Elaine Borawski, PhD; Katie Dolphin, PhD (Pacific University); Kakul Joshi, MPH.)

Joshi K
, Smith S, Osborne A, Thornton A, Mcintosh B, Hoch C, Hood E, Embry M, Benko M, Trapl E. Produce Prescriptions for Food Insecure Patients with Hypertension in Safety Net Clinics: A Clinical-Community Linkage. American Academy of Health Behavior Annual Conference. Tucson, AZ, March 2017.

Borawski E, Bottoms L, Taggart M, Debose N, Pike S, Joshi K, Freedman D, Trapl E. Fresh Produce for All: Results of a Community-Wide Initiative to Increase Access to Fresh Produce in Cleveland. American Academy of Health Behavior Annual Conference, Tucson, AZ. March 2017.

Kakul Joshi, Briana McIntosh, Jennifer Roberts. Expanding Healthy Retail Opportunities through Community Involvement: Good Food Here store owner guides Cleveland Clinic, Tubbs-Jones Center. March 2017.

Sarah Koopman Gonzalez; Erika Trapl; and Emily Metz. “Am I Helping or Enabling?”: Harm Reduction, Ethics, and the Balance of Risks in Pharmacists’ Attitudes and Behaviors Regarding Non-Prescription Syringe Sales. Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meeting, Oral Presentation. March 30, 2017.

Kakul Joshi. Produce prescriptions for food insecure patients with hypertension in safety net clinics: a clinical-community linkage. March 27, 2017, Case School of Medicine, E501 Seminar.

Stephanie Pike Moore. Examining Food Retail Choice Contexts in Urban Food Deserts. March 27, 2017, Case School of Medicine, E501 Seminar

On April 3, Associate Director Darcy Freedman, PhD, was the featured visiting scholar at the John Glenn School of Public Affairs Colloquium Series (The Ohio State University). She gave an overview of the foodNEST study in a presentation titled “Evaluating a Food Environment: Natural Experiment Designed to Improve Healthy Food Access and Diet.”

Dr. Freedman will also be teaching a course during OSU's Summer Program in Population Health. Her course, Promoting Social & Built Environments to Support Healthy Food Access in the Community, takes place June 21-23. More details are available on the OSU website.
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