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Research ShowCASE April 21
Each year, hundreds of Case Western Reserve University researchers, scientists and scholars come together for an annual day of discovery, collaboration, and community. Held in conjunction with the Spring Undergraduate Symposium, also known as Intersections, Research ShowCASE provides evidence of how research brings value to CWRU, our community and the world. Be sure to see all of the posters from PRCHN faculty and staff at this year's Research ShowCASE on April 21. A full listing of PRCHN posters is below.

1. Creating Greater Destinies: Lessons learned from a resident driven approach to improve health, increase opportunity and strengthen community

Authors: Erika Hood, Briana McIntosh, Maleka Embry, Dolores Collins, Don Slocum, Peter Whitt, Anna Thornton, Kakul Joshi, Erika Trapl

2. Planning and Implementation of HIP-Cuyahoga’s Healthy Retail Initiative
Authors: Anna Thornton, Kakul Joshi, Audrey Kinsella, Jen Roberts, Briana Walker, Michele Benko, Hank Smith, Erika Trapl

3. Produce prescriptions for food insecure patients with hypertension in safety net clinics: a clinical-community linkage
Authors: Kakul Joshi MPH; Samantha Smith MA; Shari Bolen MD, MPH; Amanda Osborne M.Sc; Anna Thornton MPH; Briana Mcintosh MPH; Chelsea Hoch BS; Erika Hood M.Ed; Maleka Embry MPH; Michele Benko MS; Erika Trapl PhD

4. The beginnings of a healthy retail movement in Cuyahoga County (video)
Authors: Kakul Joshi, MPH; Colleen Kelly, BA; Michele Benko, MS, RD, LD; Susan Petrone, MA; Marilyn Burns, Erika Trapl, PhD.

5. Towards a More Bike Friendly City: A Data Dashboard for the Bike Advocacy Community of Cleveland
Authors: Anna Thornton, Audrey Kinsella, Barb Clint, Jacob VanSickle, Patricia Terstenyak, Elaine Borawski

6. Adopting a Shared Use Policy to address physical inactivity in under-resourced neighborhoods
Author: Erika Hood, Anna Thornton, Briana McIntosh, Hank Smith, Delores Collins, Mark McClain, Caroline Peak, Michele Benko, Erika Trapl

7. Shared Ownership in the Community-Academic Partnership
Author: Jean Frank, Elaine A. Borawski

8. Highlights of the 2015 Cleveland Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey: Current State of Health and 10-year Trends
Author: Lauren Bottoms, Danielle O'Rourke-Suchoff, Elaine A. Borawski

9. Fresh Produce for All: Results of a Community-Wide Initiative to Increase Access to Fresh Produce in Cleveland
Authors: Elaine Borawski, Lauren Bottoms, Morgan Taggart, Nicole Debose, Stephanie Pike, Kakul Joshi, Darcy Freedman, Erika Trapl.

10. Multi-component farmers’ market use among low-income consumers in an urban context
Authors: Eunlye Lee, PhD, Sue Flocke, PhD, En-jung Shon, MSW, Elaine Borawski, PhD, Erika Trapl, PhD, Darcy Freedman, PhD

11. The Environmental Influence on Diet and Diet Quality of Overweight and Obese Urban Youth
Authors: Sarah Jones, Alicia Thomas, Erika Trapl, Henry Olasen, Elaine Borawski

12. Effective Community Based Recruitment and Retention Strategies
Authors: Ritchie Koshy, Chaturia Rouse, Stephanie Pike, Cally Byrne, Bob Leighty, Morgan Taggart, Ashwini Sehgal, Darcy Freedman
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