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These web pages are for PEER fellows, Organizational Mentors and Faculty Partners. If you would like to learn more about the program in general, please click your back button, or click the About PEER button on this page.
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Cohort 3 PEER Fellows,Organizations & Faculty Partners Named image Cohort 3 PEER Fellows,Organizations & Faculty Partners Named
The following organizations, fellows and faculty partners were named to Cohort 3 of the PEER Program (part of the PRC and the Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative, CTSC) to advance research basics in community organizations:  

FOR PEER FELLOWS: Module Evaluation Surveys

Module 1 Survey (Retreat)
Module 2 Survey (Elaine Borawski, Intro to Res.)
Module 3 Survey (Elaine, Evidence in Practice)
Module 4 Survey (Erika Trapl, Dev. Res. Ques.)
Module 5 Survey (Mike McGraw, Library)
Module 6 Survey (Darcy Freedman, Res. Design)
Module 7 & 8 Survey (Erika Trapl, Surveys)
Module 9 Survey (Sue Ambro, IRB)
Module 10 Survey (Rachel Lovell, Intro Stats)
Module 11 Survey (Sue Flocke, Mixed Methods)
Module 12 Survey (Project proposal reviews)
Module 13 Survey (Rob Fischer, Data Mgmt) 
Module 14 Survey (Ann Holstein, GIS)
Module 15 Survey (Ann Holstein, Poster Dev.) 
Module 16 Survey (Kurt Stange, Writing Res.)
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