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Tobacco Research Symposium
On May 31, 2017, the PRCHN  PRCHN and its partners hosted a Tobacco Research Symposium to explore equity, environmental influence, current interventions, and policy implications for tobacco control in Greater Cleveland.
Presentations included:
Tobacco Use in Cleveland & Cuyahoga County
Erika Trapl, PhD

Tipped, Untipped, Filtered, Flavored: Not Your Grandfather’s Cigar
Sarah Koopman Gonzalez, PhD

Understanding & Measuring Nicotine Dependence among Cigarillo Users
Sue Flocke, PhD

Retail Exposure to Tobacco Advertising & Sales
Stephanie Pike, MPH

Worksite Wellness Initiatives to Support Tobacco Change: Unintended Consequences

Elaine Borawski, PhD

Implementing an Evidence-Based Strategy in Primary Care: Ask-Advise-Connect & eReferral
Sue Flocke, PhD

Breathe Free: We Share Air
Erika Trapl, PhD