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YRBS Middle School Data Modules
The Middle School YRBS is administered in event-numbered years to public high school students in Cuyahoga County. Results by year are available in the following full reports.
2018 YRBS Middle School Results
2016 Cuyahoga County Middle School YRBS Results
2014 Cuyahoga County Middle School YRBS Results
Cuyahoga County YRBS Results by Topic
The following provide the most current Cuyahoga County summary data on twelve specific topics. Each summary report includes a brief description of the impact of the topic on adolescent health, relevant Healthy People 2020 objectives with Cuyahoga County's progress towards the goals, and overall, regional, and demographic prevalence, as well as a trend report and comparisons to the state of Ohio and the United States (when applicable).

       2014        Middle School

        2016        Middle School

       2018            Middle School 

Specific Topic 
    2018 YRBS Middle School Alcohol Use data Alcohol Use: includes items measuring lifetime and current alcohol use, binge drinking, and perceptions of alcohol use 
   2018 YRBS middle school depression data Depression and Suicide: includes items measuring depressive sadness, self injurious harm, and suicide  

2018 YRBS middle school dietary behavior data 

Dietary Behavior: includes items measuring fruit and vegetable consumption, fast food and energy drink consumption, and frequency of breakfast 
   2018 YRBS middle school illegal drug use data Illegal and Prescription Drug Use: includes items measuring lifetime and current marijuana use, prescription and illicit drug use, and perceptions of drug use  

 2018 YRBS middle school obesity & weight data

Obesity and Weight Control: includes items measuring body mass index and perceptions of weight 
     2018 YRBS middle school physical ctivity data Physical Activity: includes items measuring weekly physical activity,sedentary behaviors, and participation on sports teams 

 2018 YRBS middle school positive youth development data

Positive Youth Development: includes items measuring community connectedness, social support, and academic achievement
    2018 YRBS middle school preventive health data Preventive Health Care: includes items measuring wellness exams, oral hygiene, and overall health 
    2018 YRBS middle school sexual behavior data Sexual Behavior: includes items measuring lifetime and current sexual activity, condom use, and pregnancy 

 2018 YRBS middle school tobacco use data

Tobacco Use: includes items measuring lifetime and current tobacco use, modified product use, and perceptions of tobacco use

 2018 YRBS middle school unintentional injury data

Unintentional Injuries: includes items measuring seatbelt and bike helmet use, drinking and driving, and texting and driving 

 2018 YRBS middle school violence related behaviors data

Violence Related Behaviors: includes items measuring fighting, weapon carrying, domestic violence, and bullying
       2018 YRBS middle school other health behaviors data Other Health Behaviors:  includes other health behaviors that are not included in another individual content module


School-Related Food Practices: includes items measuring eating and drinking behaviors both at and on the way home from school