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MPH Practicum Application
Thank you for applying for a PRCHN MPH Practicum opportunity!  Please fill out the following application with your current information, and attach both your resume/CV and a one page cover letter indicating your interest in a practicum opportunity with the PRCHN.
 IMPORTANT MESSAGE: As of 3/17, The 2020 PRCHN Summer Internship Program will still commence as planned, but due to COVID-19's rapid advances, at this time we cannot guarantee we will be able to host interns or practicum students this summer. This page will be updated with new information when it arises. Please contact Madeline Castele, [email protected], for any questions or concerns. Thank you.
PRCHN MPH Practicum Application 2019-2020 Academic Year
Date of Application (MM/DD/YYYY)
Full Name
Current Address
Permanent Address
Email Address
Phone Number (Home) including area code:
Phone Number (Cell) including area code
Please indicate desired practicum session.
Please indicate the specific position for which you are applying (if any).
What are your desired start and end dates for this practicum experience?
Would your commitments outside of the practicum offer enough flexibility to accommodate small changes (for instance, working different hours during a week when a supervisor is out)?
How did you hear about Case Western Reserve University's Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods (PRCHN)?
Is this practicum required to fulfill an academic obligation?
What do you hope to gain from your practicum?
What are your interests for your practicum experience?
Have you discussed a practicum field experience with any PRCHN faculty or staff prior to applying?
If "yes", with whom have you had contact?
Cleveland is an urban area with several low-income neighborhoods. This job may require you to be out in those areas and interacting with neighborhood residents. Do you feel comfortable with this?
Do you currently hold a valid driver's license?
The PRCHN and Case Western Reserve University value diversity. Are you comfortable working with diverse populations?
Please check your level of experience using SPSS:

Please check your level of experience in using SAS:

Please check your level of experience in using R software:

Have you had experience with:

Have you completed a training course in human subjects in research? (not a requirement for application to practicum experience)
If "Yes," what is the name of the course? At which institution did you complete the course? Successful completion of a training course for human subjects in research is required prior to starting a PRCHN internship. An online course can be completed free of charge through Case Western Reserve University and will be arranged if you are selected for an internship.
Current or most recent university; include name, city and state. (School and GPA required of all students.)
Expected Graduation Date
Degree and major (include minor if applicable)
GPA (if applicable)
Please list chronologically any other colleges or universities you have attended, dates attended, and grade point average.
School: City, State: Dates Attended: Major/Minor: GPA
School: City, State: Dates Attended: Major/Minor: GPA
List any scholastic honors and/or licenses.
Please complete your application by uploading and attaching the following 3 documents as PDF files: 1) A copy of your current resume or CV; 2) A one-page essay indicating why you are interested in a PRCHN practicum experience, your long-term career interests, and what you hope to achieve during the practicum; and 3) A copy of your human subjects research training certificate of completion (if you have one). Be sure your last name is a part of the file name AND on each document.
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