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List of Past Seminars
Please note that videos from all seminars from October 2012 - present 
are available on the PRCHN website

7/10/2019   Colleen Walsh, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Sciences, Cleveland State University Findings from the AmeRicans’ Conceptions of Health Equity Study 
6/12/2019   Siran Koroukian, PhD, Associate Professor, CWRU; Weichuan Dong, MS, PhD candidate, Kent State University, Spatial Analyst, CWRU; Uriel Kim, MD/PhD candidate, CWRU School of Medicine Building a Cancer Data Resource to Advance Disparities Research, Community Health, and Advocacy Efforts
5/8/2019 Megan Holmes, PhD, MSW, LISW, Director, Center on Trauma and Adversity, Case Western Reserve University; Laura Voith, MSW, PhD, Assistant Professor, CWRU The Intersection of Domestic Violence and Health: Integrating a Trauma-Informed Perspective 
4/10/2019 Erika Trapl, PhD, PRCHN Associate Director, Associate Professor, CWRU Breathe Free: Partnering with Residents to Increase Smoking Cessation in Low-Income Neighborhoods
3/13/2019 Monica Webb Hooper, PhD, Associate Director, Cancer Disparities Research, Director, Office of Cancer Disparities Research, CWRU Digital Interventions and Underserved Tobacco Smokers: Culturally Specific Enhancements 
2/13/2019  Jim Spilsbury, PhD, Associate Professor, CWRU  Neighbors, Neighborhoods, and Child Maltreatment in Cleveland 
1/9/2019 Jacqueline Curtis, PhD, Co-Director, GIS/Health & Hazards Lab, Associate
Professor of Geography, Kent State University 
Mapping Neighborhood Environments & Child Health: New Opportunities for Expanding the Evidence Base


12/14/2018 Maritza Salazar Campo, PhD, MSW, Assistant Professor, Paul Merage School of Business, University of California at Irvine Team Science Approaches for Translational Research
11/14/2018  Dana Prince, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, Case Western Reserve University  Community Grounded Research to Address Psychological Functioning of Sexual and Gender Minority Youth with Foster Care Involvement
10/10/2018 Elaine Borawski, PhD, PRCHN Director, and Angela Bowen Williamson Professor of Community Nutrition, CWRU Stakeholder Engagement and Team Science Approaches to Advance Research Translation through the Cleveland Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative 
9/12/2018  Darcy Freedman, PhD, PRCHN Associate Director, Associate Professor, CWRU; Integration Systems Science into Efforts to Promote Nutrition Equity 
7/11/2018 Martha Sajatovic, MD, Professor, CWRU  TIME Intervention 
6/13/2018 Scott Frank, MD, MS, Associate Professor, CWRU  Precision Public Health: Using Health Information Technology to Improve Our Approach to Community Building 
5/9/2018 Colleen McBride, PhD, Grace Crum Rollins Chair in Behavioral Sciences and Health Education, Emory University  Using Genetic Information to Motivate Healthy Behaviors
4/11/2018  Anna Thornton, MPH, REACH Project Manager; Jonathan Lever, MPH, Better Health Partnership; Samantha Smith, MA, Cuyahoga County Board of Health  Chronic Disease Self-Management Program: Innovations and Partnerships to Make a Difference in Self-reported Outcomes
3/14/2018  Darcy Freedman, PhD, PRCHN Associate Director, Associate Professor, CWRU; Ana Claudia Zubieta, Program Director, SNAP-ED; Eunlye Lee, PhD, Research Associate; Julie Hewitt, M.Ed, BCOP Program Manager; David Ngendahimana, Pre-Doctoral Fellow Lessons Learned from a Statewide Collaboration to Build Capacity for Obesity Prevention 
2/14/2018  Elaine Borawski, PhD, PRCHN Director, and Angela Bowen Williamson Professor of Community Nutrition, CWRU  Ideas Moving Parents & Adolescents to Change Together (IMPACT): Initial Study Findings
1/10/2018 Sue Flocke, PhD, PRCHN Associate Director and Professor, Center for Community Health Integration, CWRU, and Little Cigar Study Team Measuring Nicotine Dependence among Adolescents & Young Adults Who Smoke Cigarillos 


12/13/2017  Laura Samuel, PhD, CRNP, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing  The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Health Outcomes for Low-income Older Adults 
11/8/2017 Bernadette Kerrigan, Executive Director, First Year Cleveland; Christin Farmer, Executive Director, Birthing Beautiful Communities; Angela Neal-Barnett, PhD, Professor, Kent State University  Innovative, Holistic Solutions in Solving a 45 year+ Community Program, Infant Mortality: First Year Cleveland and Community Partners Doing Business Differently 
10/11/2017 Darcy Freedman, PhD, PRCHN Associate Director, Associate Professor, CWRU, and the FreshLink Team  Community Ambassador Model for Promoting Access to Farmers' Markets 
9/13/2017 Sue Flocke, PhD, PRCHN Associate Director and Professor, Center for Community Health Integration, CWRU, and the eReferral Team  Ask-Advise-Connect and eReferral to Improve Tobacco Cessation Assistance by Linking Primary Care with the Quitline 
7/12/2017 Elaine Borawski, PhD, PRCHN Director, and Angela Bowen Williamson Professor of Community Nutrition, CWRU, and IMPACT Study Team  Ideas Moving Parents & Adolescents to Change Together (IMPACT) Study Findings 
6/14/2017 Don Hedeker, PhD, Professor, University of Chicago  Approaches to Multi-level Modeling 
5/10/2017 Darcy Freedman, PhD, PRCHN Associate Director, Associate Professor, CWRU, and Chaturia Rouse, MPH, MS, foodNEST Program Manager  foodNEST: The Future of Food in Your Neighborhood Study 
4/12/2017 Andrew Anesetti-Rothermel, PhD, MPH, Truth Initiatives  Tobacco Retailer Density and Proximity to Schools: Associations with Lower Product Pricing and Increased Marketing 
3/8/2017 Amy Bush Stevens, MPH, MSW, Director of Prevention  Public Health Policy, Health Policy Institute of Ohio  Ohio Tobacco Trends and Policy 
2/8/2017 Barb Clint, MBA, Director of Community Health & Advocacy, YMCA of Greater Cleveland  Active Transportation as a Health Equity Strategy 
1/11/2017  Monica Webb Hooper, PhD, Director, Office of Cancer Disparities, CWRU  Health Psychology Research to Address Tobacco Use and Related Disparities 


12/14/2016 Siran Koroukian, PhD, Associate Professor, CWRU  Understanding Dementia and Its Co-occurrences with Other Leading Causes of Death 
11/9/2016 Sue Flocke, PhD, PRCHN Associate Director  Tobacco Use at Community Health Centers: Burden and Opportunities for Evience-Based Cessation Strategies
10/12/2016  Darcy Freedman, PhD, PRCHN Associate Director, Associate Professor, CWRU, and the FM Tracks team FM Tracks: Development and Implementation of a System to Track Farmers' Market Use 
9/14/16 PRCHN Faculty and Staff; co-presented by Network of Community Advisors (NOCA) PRCHN Dissemination Day: Food Access and Food Security among Cleveland Residents
7/13/16 Serita Mullins and Jeff Sugalski, Burten Bell Carr Development, Incorporated Urban Agriculture Innovation Zone: Development, Implementation, and Lessons Learned
6/8/16 Martha Sajatovic, MD, Professor, Psychiatry and Epidemiology & Biostatistics, CWRU Targeted Training in Epilepsy Self-Management: Bringing Together Patients, Clinicians, and Researchers
5/11/16 Sandra Byrd Chappelle, Strategic Solutions Partners, LLC If We Build It, We Will Come: A Model for Community-Led Change to Transform Neighborhood Conditions to Support Healthy Eating and Active Living
4/13/16 Elizabeth Antognoli, PhD, Department of Family Medicine, CWRU Nicotine Dependence and Perceptions from Young Adults and Adolescents Who Smoke Little Cigars 
3/9/16        Madalena Monteban, PhD, Post-doctoral Fellow, PRCHN Maternal Knowledge and Child Health: The Case of Infant Growth in the Andes
2/10/16 Teleange Thomas, Foundation Center; Joseph Black, Sisters of Charity Foundation; Peter Whitt, Enlightenment Consultant Group Community Health Workers: Models of Success in Central
1/13/16 Adam Perzynski, PhD, CWRU Neighborhoods an Health from Redlining to the Digital Divide: Perspectives for Public Health and Primary Care


12/9/15 Sue Flocke, PhD, CWRU; Darcy Freedman, PhD, CWRU Food Shopping Patterns, Preferences, & Perceptions of Farmers’ Markets among Clevelanders Receiving SNAP
11/11/15 Patty Marshall, PhD, CWRU; Aaron Goldenberg, PhD, MPH, CWRU  Community Voices Project: Family History, Place, and Chronic Disease
10/14/15 Cresha Auck Foley, American Heart Association Grassroots Advocacy Tools to Use and Love
9/9/15 Sara Continenza, Hunger Network; Darrell Huliz, PharmD, CWRU; Dr. Parkash Ganesh Bridging the Gap between Hunger and Health
7/8/15 Siran Koroukian, PhD Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program in Ohio
6/10/15 PEER Fellows Project Poster Session PEER Fellows; Jeri Jewett, MPH, PEER Fellowship Coordinator
5/6/15 Thomas Valente, PhD, University of Southern California  Social Network Analysis & Health
5/1/15   David Wetter, PhD, Rice University  Tobacco and Health Inequities
5/2015    Daniel Remley, PhD, OSU Extension  Food Councils and Choice Food Pantries
4/8/15 Daniel Remley, PhD, OSU Extension  Food Councils and Choice Food Pantries
3/11/15 Martha Sajatovic, PhD, Case Western Reserve  Role of Self-Management in Managing Epilepsy & Reducing Complications
2/11/15   Erika Trapl, PhD, Case Western Reserve; Morgan Taggart, MUPPD, OSU Extension; Alison Patrick, MPH, Cuyahoga County Board of Health Produce Prescription Project
1/14/15 David Cavallo, PhD, Case Western Reserve Behavior change interventions using social media; User-generated approaches


12/10/14 Elaine Borawski, PhD, PRCHN Director, and Angela Bowen Williamson Professor of Community Nutrition, CWRU  IMPACT Study: Ideas moving parents and adolescents to change together
11/12/14 Mary Step, PhD, CWRU Conducting research with social media: Opportunities, resources, and pitfalls. An example with little cigar users
10/8/14    Sarah Drewes-Jones, MS, RD, LD and FreshLink staff FreshLink: Healthy Village, Healthy Child Initiative
9/10/14    Kimberly Bess, PhD, Vanderbilt University Social Network Analysis and Community Health
7/9/14    Sue Flocke, PhD, Case Western Reserve How prepared are Ohio medical residents to address obesity, nutrition, and physical activity counseling with patients?
6/11/14 Amy Sheon, MPH, PhD, Case Western Reserve Wearable computing and sensor technology: What's all the fuss?
5/14/14 Darcy Freedman, PhD, Case Western Reserve  Market to Mouth: What do people do with food purchased from farmers' markets?  
4/9/14 Claudia Coulton, PhD, Case Western Reserve Individual and contextual effects on perceptions of neighborhood scale
3/12/14 Johnie Rose, MD, PhD, Case Western Reserve The affordable care act: implications for public health and prevention
2/12/14 Dan Flannery, PhD, Begun Center for Violence Prevention, Case Western Reserve  Opportunities and challenges in community-based violence prevention
1/8/14   Mary Holmes, President, Innovative Farmers of Ohio  Do we have the courage to prevent disease? 


12/11/13 Rumi Shamin, PhD, Oberlin College  A triple-bottom-line analysis of the value of urban agriculture in Cleveland
11/13/13 Jeri Jewett, MPH, PEER Fellowship Coordinator and PEER Fellows Partners In Education and Research (PEER) Fellow Poster Presentations (not taped; link to posters)
10/16/13 Lawrence Green, PhD, University of California, San Francisco  Accelerating the Implementation of Evidence: If We Want More Evidence-Based Practice, We Need More Practice-Based Evidence
9/11/13 Sue Flocke, PhD, Case Western Reserve Study design and methods considerations for mixing qualitative and quantitative methods

No seminar
Siran Koroukian, PhD, Case Western Reserve
Ohio's Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program: cancer screening for uninsured women
6/12/13   No seminar
5/8/13 Heidi Gullett, MPH, MD, Case Western Reserve  Bridges out of Poverty: A novel framework to promote social change and improve health outcomes
4/10/13 Eileen Seeholzer, MD, MetroHealth Working on weight loss in real life: The STRIDES program
3/13/13 Shirley Moore, RN, PhD, FAAN, Case Western Reserve  Why is behavior so hard to change? New theories of health behavior change
Darcy Freedman, PhD, Case Western Reserve  Community-level Food access interventions to improve public health
1/03/13 Jean Frank, MPH, Manager of Community Initiatives, PRCHN, and YRBS Staff History and Value of YRBS Data


12/15/12 Dorr Dearborn, MD, Case Western Reserve Healthy Homes: Asthma and COPD
11/14/12 Johnie Rose, MD, PhD, Case Western Reserve
Simulation Modeling: A Primer and Application to Public Health
10/24/12 Chris Fulcher, PhD, Center for Applied Research & Environmental Systems, University of Missouri, Columbia Mapping the Food Environment
9/12/12 Monica Wendel, PhD, Director, Center for Community Health & Development, Texas A&M University Using Community Health Development to Build Community Capacity and Increase Physical Activity
7/11/12 David Bruckman, PhD, Case Western Reserve Smoking Ban Enforcement in Ohio
6/13/12 Dan Meaney, GISP, Cuyahoga County Planning Commission; Kris Higgins, Cuyahoga County Planning Commission Gaps and Opportunities for Healthy Food Retail
4/11/12 Cyleste Collins, PhD, Case Western Reserve Losing Hold of the American Dream: Connections between Home Foreclosure and Health
3/14/12 Catherine Demko, PhD, Case Western Reserve  Healthy Smiles Cleveland: A Community/ Academic Partnership for Preventive Services
2/19/12 Melinda Forthofer, PhD, University of South Carolina The Ties That Bind: What We Know about How Social Networks Influence Health Behaviors
1/11/12 Sue Flocke, PhD, Case Western Reserve; Morgan Taggart, MUPDD, OSU Extension  Enhancing Farmer's Market Use among Recipients of the Food Assistance Program



James Spilsbury

Children's vs. Parent's Perceptions of Neighborhood Boundaries


Ethan Berke

Perspectives on Healthcare, Housing, and Lifestyle: The Built Environment and Emerging Technologies


Martha Halko, Erika Trapl, Jessica Kelly Moore, Rob Fischer, Ann Holstein (KLS

Mapping the Health Environment


Scott Frank, MPH, MD, Case Western Reserve 



The P.H.A.B. Initiative: promoting health across boundaries 



Characterizing the neighborhood total food environment: a mixed methods approach (i.e., an update on FreshLink) 



Cleveland community voices on health inequality & genetics 



Successful youth fitness programs 




Pediatric obesity & hypertension: children with adult diseases 



Healthy home environments: asthma plus air quality wireless monitoring 



Perspectives: health, equity, & opportunity 


Erika Trapl, PhD, CWRU

Little Cigars: Big Problem in a Small Wrapper