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FreshLink Toolkits

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FreshLink Ambassador Model!

The FreshLink Ambassador (FLA) Toolkit is designed to support the implementation of the FreshLink Ambassador model in diverse community settings. The FLA Toolkit includes four components that are designed to be used together: FreshLink Facilitator Manual, FLA Training Curriculum, FLA Workbook, and FLA Employment Handbook. The FLA Toolkit is based on lessons learned from the FreshLink Ambassador model developed and implemented in Cleveland, Ohio from 2014-18. While all documents were modified for generalized use, some topics and sessions remain Cleveland-specific to offer examples that can be adapted to your organization, population, and context. Adapting this toolkit for local use will require additional efforts to incorporate local cultural norms, data, and language (e.g., name of SNAP incentive programs, farmers’ markets, etc.). All of the training components in the FreshLink toolkit are below.
This guide provides a session-by-session curriculum for use by facilitators when training FreshLink Ambassadors. This guide should be used in conjunction with the rest of the materials in the FreshLink Toolkit.
This guide should be used by FreshLink Ambassadors in training and should be adapted to your local context. It is one in a series of training dcuments created by the PRCHN to aid other organizations in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the FreshLink Ambassador program.
This facilitator’s guide supports those looking to implement the FreshLink Ambassador model. The guide incorporates best practices, lessons learned, and additional details important to consider when implementing the FreshLink Ambassador model. This guide should be used in conjunction with the rest of the materials in the FreshLink Toolkit.
The Ambassador Employment Handbook provides FreshLink Ambassadors with the foundation, philosophies, and policies of the sponsoring entity. This guide was created by the PRCHN and is offered as a template to be adapted to your organization.
This toolkit brings together all of the documents used to conduct a social network-based health intervention. It is made available as a model for other studies that combine qualitative and social network data to inform public health interventions. However, it is NOT part of the FreshLink Training Toolkit.