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Food Access Raises Everyone (FARE)






FARE report cover imageThe Food Access Raises Everyone (FARE) Project is a broad-based, community-wide initiative designed to connect and support organizations and individuals engaging in healthy food access work in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County. The project provides support within and across three progam areas, leading to increased capacity and coordination across sectors, building demand for access to healthy foods and improved health outcomes for our residents and neighborhoods.
 In late 2015, The Food Trust initiated Food Access Raises Everyone (FARE), a year-long planning process engaging hundreds of local food access champions, including residents, grassroots leaders, community development corporations, businesses, governmental agencies, philanthropy, faith-based organizations, healthcare, and educational institutions. The success of this planning and assessment process led to The FARE Project, which is working to build capacity, forge new partnerships, support strategic planning efforts, leverage resources, share successful models, provide technical assistance, and engage residents in collaborative activities to improve access to healthy food and address other social determinants of health. The information collected through this process can be found in the report: Food Access Raises Everyone: A Collaborative, Comprehensive Approach to a Healthier Cleveland and Cuyahoga County
FARE is currently housed at the PRCHN office, strengthening our relationship and enhancing our efforts in healthy food retail. 



The FARE project is leading efforts to connect food access to other determinants of health and developing stronger connections with residents, building their capacity to lead this vital work in their own neighborhoods through community collectives.

    • The Heart Smarts program meets residents where they are bringing nutrition education, health, social services, and increased food access to local corner stores. Heart Smarts empowers residents with the information and resources they need to improve their health. Hearts Smarts is a certified SNAP-ED Nutrition education program. 
    • Read more here about the beginnings of Heart Smarts & it's introduction to Ohio.
    • The project activities related to healthy retail include the heart smarts program, collective purchasing, and undersating procurement and distribution systems. The FARE Project is a collaborative partner with the PRCHN through the Healthy Corner Store Initiative.   
    • Supporting both the North Coast Farmers Market Collective and a series of incentive programs aimed at connecting all residents regardless of income to their local farmer markets.