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Epilepsy Self-Management Research
The PRCHN and Affiliated Faculty Martha Sajatovic, MD, have had three epilepsy-related Special Interest Project (SIP) grants funded by the CDC and have conducted studies on epilepsy self-management as well as on investigating epilepsy stigma. These include: 

TIME (Targeted Self-Management for Epilepsy and Mental Illness) trial
This project worked with adults with both epilepsy and a serious mental illness such as severe depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia. The TIME program consisted of 12 weekly group sessions that included education, behavioral modeling, and group support. Learn more about the TIME trial.
SMART was developed to improve self-management and quality of life for adults with epilepsy with recent (past 6 months) negative health events (NHEs) (e.g., seizure, hospitalization, ED visit, accident/traumatic injury, or self-harm attempt). The SMART study enrolled participants from lower-income urban locations, safety-net health systems, and a Veterans Health Care System. SMART was delivered online but also included one or more group sessions, telephone coaching, and peer support. SMART tested for its feasibility, acceptability, and efficacy in people with epilepsy and NHEs.
Learn more about SMART. 

Testing New Communication Strategies to Improve Attitudes Toward Epilepsy.
People with epilepsy often experience stigma and social rejection, and while national organizations have recommended key messages to erase stigma, it is not clear how these should be effectively communicated to the general population. This two-year study used a medical literature review process, input from a community advisory board, and a randomized research trial to identify new communication strategies, aimed specifically at young people ages 18-29, that could be used to help erase epilepsy stigma.

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