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Data Collection Tools
The PRCHN conducts a significant amount of primary data collection. That means that we create or adapt data collection instruments and protocols for use in our studies. At the PRCHN, we believe in sharing these tools for others to use. Below you will find:                              
Survey-Based Data Collection Tools
Cuyahoga County Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) 
Cuyahoga County Middle School Survey:
Cuy County YRBS - Middle School - 2014
Cuyahoga County High School Survey:
Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) 
Cleveland BRFSS Questionnaires: 
Cuyahoga County BRFSS Questionnaires:
Neighborhood Attribute Inventory (NAI): This tool has been used by the IMPACT project at the PRCHN to assess characteristics of neighborhoods where participants and their families live. This tool assesses residential land use, public space, social interactions, and non-residential land use. The tool and our protocol and item descriptions are included below. 
Data Collection Tool: NAI Tool
Data Collection Protocol: NAI Protocol and Item Description
Parks and Green Space Audit 
School Food Environment Audit
Data Collection Tool: School Food Environment Audit Tool (SFEAT)
Food and Tobacco Store Audits:
Data Collection Tool: Food Retail Inventory
Community Garden Audits: In May 2013, the PRCHN and Ohio State University Extension-Cuyahoga County (OSU-E) began a county-wide assessment of 250 community gardens that are participating in the OSU-E Summer Sprout or Suburban Community Garden programs. PRCHN interns partnered with OSU-E interns to visit and conduct on on-site objective garden assessment and a garden leader interview. Information gathered included garden size, characteristics, garden resources (or needs), safety, and access.
Data Collection Tool: Community Gardens Assessment
Data Collection Protocol: Community Garden Protocol
HIP-C Community Quality of Life Survey (2012): HIP-C Community Survey