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Community-Clinical Linkages
Goal: Improve chronic disease outcomes by helping to extend the continuum of care and offering support and resources for patients from the point of care to the places where they live, work, and play. 

Faculty lead: Martha Sajatovic, MD 
Key projects: 
Epilepsy Self-Management
Through a series of three studies, this research investigated and developed a training program to help patients with epilepsy improve self-management and improve quality of life.


Tobacco Cessation: Ask, Advise, Connect
This strategy uses a systematic approach to asking about smoking status and assessing interest in quitting among primary care patients.
REACH: Chronic Disease Self-Management 
Trained lay leaders lead workshops in their neighborhoods to help residents. better manage chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.
Produce Prescription Program
The Produce Prescription program works to help residents in low-resource neighborhoods foster healthier eating habits throughfostering healthier eating habits; providing economic incentives and education to encourage healthy food choices, and increasing the use of farmers’ markets.