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Celebrating the PRC Network
The 30-year history of the PRC Program reflects the growing recognition of the importance of prevention research as a vital, integral component of public health. To help celebrate the PRC Program's anniversary, the American Journal of Preventive Medicine published a special supplement showcasing the translation of public health research of the PRC Program since 1986, when CDC began funding academic institutions to complete demonstration projects.
American Journal of Preventive Medicine 
March 2017 Volume 52, Issue 3, Supplement 3, S207-S330
Prevention Research Centers Program – 30th Anniversary: Translating Applied Public Health Research into Policy and Practice
Edited by Alice S. Ammerman, Ross C. Brownson, Jeffrey R. Harris, Mehran S. Massoudi 

The Guest Editors’ Introduction to the Special Issue: Prevention Research Centers Program’s 30th Anniversary Celebration
Mehran S. Massoudi, Alice S. Ammerman, Ross C. Brownson, Jeffrey R. Harris

Prevention Research Centers at 50 Years: Looking Backward
James S. Marks, Jeffrey P. Koplan

The Prevention Research Centers Directors: Reflections Covering Two Decades of Leadership
Jeffrey R. Harris, Patricia L. Riley, Marshall Kreuter, Eduardo J. Simoes

The Value of Prevention Research Centers: Breaking New Ground in Prevention Research
Daniel S. Blumenthal, Gary Raskob

The Value of Prevention Research Center Programs
Lisa F. Waddell, LaMar Hasbrouck

Prevention Research Centers: Perspective for the Future
Mehran S. Massoudi, Rose A. Marcelin, Belinda-Rose Young, Connie L. Bish, Donna Henry, Suzanne Hurley, Kurt J. Greenlund, Wayne H. Giles

The Impact of the Physical Activity Policy Research Network
Alicia M. Manteiga, Amy A. Eyler, Cheryl Valko, Ross C. Brownson, Kelly R. Evenson, Thomas Schmid

The Healthy Aging Research Network: Modeling Collaboration for Community Impact
Basia Belza, Mary Altpeter, Matthew Lee Smith, Marcia G. Ory

Impact of the Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network: Accelerating the Translation of Research Into Practice
Kurt M. Ribisl, Maria E. Fernandez, Daniela B. Friedman, Peggy A. Hannon, Jennifer Leeman, Alexis Moore, Lindsay Olson, Marcia Ory, Betsy Risendal, Laura Sheble, Vicky M. Taylor, Rebecca S. Williams, Bryan J. Weiner

The Managing Epilepsy Well Network: Advancing Epilepsy Self-Management
Martha Sajatovic, Barbara C. Jobst, Ross Shegog, Yvan A. Bamps, Charles E. Begley, Robert T. Fraser, Erica K. Johnson, Dilip K. Pandey, Rakale C. Quarells, Peter Scal, Tanya M. Spruill, Nancy J. Thompson, Rosemarie Kobau

Prevention Research Center Collaborations With State Departments of Health: Washington State
Peggy A. Hannon, Thuy T. Vu, Patricia Migliore Santiago, Pama Joyner, Caitlin Mason, Jeffrey R. Harris

Collaboration With Deaf Communities to Conduct Accessible Health Surveillance
Steven L. Barnett, Kelly A. Matthews, Erika J. Sutter, Lori A. DeWindt, Jacqueline A. Pransky, Amanda M. O’Hearn, Tamala M. David, Robert Q. Pollard, Vincent J. Samar, Thomas A. Pearson

Challenges and Lessons Learned From a Prevention Research Center Partnership
Lesley Cottrell, Karen Northrup, Richard Wittberg

Hearing-Related Health Among Adult American Indians From a Pacific Northwest Tribe
Kapuaolaokalaniakea Gellert, William Hal Martin, Jodi A. Lapidus, Leslie Wosnig, Thomas M. Becker

Healthy & Empowered Youth: A Positive Youth Development Program for Native Youth
Stephanie N. Craig Rushing, Nichole L. Hildebrandt, Carol J. Grimes, Amanda J. Rowsell, Benjamin C. Christensen, William E. Lambert

Program Sustainability: Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Prevention in American Indian Communities
William Hal Martin, Judith L. Sobel, Susan E. Griest, Linda C. Howarth, Thomas M. Becker

Promoting Teen Contraceptive Use by Intervention With Their Mothers
Richard A. Crosby, Tom Collins, Lindsay R. Stradtman

Youth–Adult Connectedness: A Key Protective Factor for Adolescent Health
Renee E. Sieving, Annie-Laurie McRee, Barbara J. McMorris, Rebecca J. Shlafer, Amy L. Gower, Hillary M. Kapa, Kara J. Beckman, Jennifer L. Doty, Shari L. Plowman, Michael D. Resnick

Intervention Effects on Latinas’ Physical Activity and Other Health Indicators
Guadalupe X. Ayala, Marisa Molina, Hala Madanat, Jeanne F. Nichols, Thomas L. McKenzie, Ming Ji, Margarita Holguin, Lisa Cuestas, Caryn Sumek, Carolina Labarca, Sandra Elvira, Elva M. Arredondo, John P. Elder

A Place-Based Community Health Worker Program: Feasibility and Early Outcomes, New York City, 2015
Priscilla M. Lopez, Nadia Islam, Alexis Feinberg, Christa Myers, Lois Seidl, Elizabeth Drackett, Lindsey Riley, Andrea Mata, Juan Pinzon, Elisabeth Benjamin, Katarzyna Wyka, Rachel Dannefer, Javier Lopez, Chau Trinh-Shevrin, Karen Aletha Maybank, Lorna E. Thorpe

Telephone Care Management of Fall Risk: A Feasibility Study
Elizabeth A. Phelan, Maureen Pence, Barbara Williams, Frederick A. MacCornack

Enhance®Fitness Dissemination and Implementation,: 2010–2015: A Scoping Review
Miruna G. Petrescu-Prahova, Thomas J. Eagen, Sarah L. Fishleder, Basia Belza

Research to Practice: Implementing Physical Activity Recommendations
Sally M. Davis, Theresa H. Cruz, Richard L. Kozoll

Learning About and Using Research Evidence Among Public Health Practitioners
Rebekah R. Jacob, Peg M. Allen, Linda J. Ahrendt, Ross C. Brownson

Dissemination of Technology to Evaluate Healthy Food Incentive Programs
Darcy A. Freedman, Alan R. Hunt, Katie Merritt, En-Jung Shon, Stephanie N. Pike

Impact of Weight of the Nation Community Screenings on Obesity-Related Beliefs
Courtney T. Luecking, Seth M. Noar, Rachel M. Dooley, Ziya Gizlice, Alice S. Ammerman

Dissemination and Implementation Science Training Needs: Insights From Practitioners and Researchers
Rachel G. Tabak, Margaret M. Padek, Jon F. Kerner, Kurt C. Stange, Enola K. Proctor, Maureen J. Dobbins, Graham A. Colditz, David A. Chambers, Ross C. Brownson