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The Greater Cleveland Cancer Prevention Research Network
Case Western Reserve University is one of eight funded research institutions in the Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network (CPCRN). The Greater Cleveland Cancer Prevention Research Network is a partnership between the CWRU Department of Family & Community Medicine, MetroHealth, the Ohio Department of Health and National Jewish Health.
Core Project
The main research project will implement a systems-focused community-clinical linkage intervention to increase use of the evidence-based state QuitLine for smoking cessation through the implementation of an e-referral system.
Collaborating Projects
CPCRN’s eight Network Centers form work groups to investigate areas of research interest to the Network. The Greater Cleveland Cancer Prevention & Research Network co-chairs the Tobacco/Lung Cancer Workgroup and is a member of the Federally Qualified Health Centers Signature Project.
Tobacco/Lung Cancer Workgroup
This cross-CPCRN center initiative aims to understand barriers and facilitators faced by community health centers related to implementing both: 1) tobacco assessment and cessation assistance/referral (USPSTF grade A recommendation); and 2) low-dose computed tomographic (LDCT) scan for lung cancer screening (the USPSTF grade B recommendation). The first steps are to develop a survey to assess current practices, resources, and potential barriers to these preventive services.