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Breathe Free Target Neighborhoods
Breathe Free worked within the South Collinwood and Glenville neighborhoods of Cleveland and the city of East Cleveland (see map below) to provide residents with a tailored approach that raised awareness of the harms of tobacco use and engaged community organizations to direct residents to resources for tobacco cessation. Each of these neighborhoods has a significant proportion of low-income, African-American residents.
Resident Teams were already established in these neighborhoods through the PRCHN’s Healthy Eating, Active Living work with Health Improvement Plan-Cuyahoga. Breathe Free targeted churches, daycares, and libraries for partnership because they reach a significant portion of the community, particularly youth and younger adults/parents (ages 20-39), who have the highest rates of smoking. Parents may be more likely to adopt smoking rules in the home, reducing exposure to smoke and shifting social norms related to smoking; and parents can be encouraged to talk about tobacco use with children. 

Breathe Free staff conducted a community assessment of all daycares, churches, and libraries within the three target neighborhoods to understand organization characteristics, current organization policies around smoking, and interest in the Breathe Free project. Breathe Free engaged one library, two churches, and two daycares per community for a total of 15 organizations.