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Breathe Free: We Share Air
Breathe Free: We Share Air was a demonstration project funded by the Ohio Department of Health (2017-2018) that implemented evidence-based strategies with guidance and input from community residents to change the conversation around smoking in their neighborhoods. This multilevel intervention consisted of three components: 
  1. A community-level culturally informed media messaging campaign to raise awareness of dangers of tobacco, particularly cigar products, and encourage smoking cessation;
  2. A community organization-level component that included adoption of tobacco-free worksite policies and smoke-free home policies and a systematic process to disseminate cessation resources to constituents; and
  3. An individual-level component that directed users to United Way’s 211 First Call for Help to guide the individual to tobacco cessation resources such as SmokefreeTXT, quitSTART, Smoke Free Homes, and the QuitLine. 
Breathe Free staff worked with resident teams to help implement policy, systems, and environmental changes based on their expert neighborhood knowledge. With focused attention on tobacco prevention and cessation, using a resident team approach helped to increase the engagement of community organizations to adopt smoke-free policies and facilitate dissemination of the cessation resources to key constituents.
Breathe Free Information Sheet
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