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New Youth Data Brief: Depressive Symptoms in Cuyahoga County
To mark Mental Health Awareness Week (October 8-14), the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) team released a new youth data brief, Depressive Symptoms in Cuyahoga County. This brief features data taken from the spring 2018 administration of the YRBS among high school students in Cuyahoga County.
The Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) includes the question: “During the past 12 months, did you ever feel so sad or hopeless for two or more weeks in a row that you stopped doing some usual activities?” This one survey item assesses three indicators of a major depressive episode: experience of (1) extended (2) sadness and hopelessness, resulting in (3) interruptions of usual activities. For the purpose of the brief, an affirmative response to this item is referred to as “depressive symptoms.” 
Some of the key findings include:
  • Almost 1 in 3 Cuyahoga County high school students reported experiencing depressive symptoms in 2017
  • A higher percentage of high school females reported depressive symptoms than males.
  • A higher percentage of high school Hispanic/Latinx female students reported depressive symptoms than white female students.
  • LGBT high school students are twice as likely to have depressive symptoms as their heterosexual peers.
  • High school students who reported depressive symptoms were four times more likely to report purposefully hurting themselves or to consider suicide than other students. 
Download Depressive Symptoms in Cuyahoga County.
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