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YRBS Infographics
The YRBS team periodically creates infographics that use our local data to illustrate timely public health issues affecting Cuyahoga County teens. 
Youth Road Safety
Youth Road Safety infographic
June 2018
Weight Status & Physical Activity
Image of Physical Activity & Weight Status infographic
May 2018
Youth Weapon Violence & Safety
Youth Weapon Violence & Safety infographic
April 2018
Teen Dating Violence
Teen Dating Violence infographic thumbnail
February 2018
High School Substance Use: Drugs & Alcohol in Cuyahoga County
Drug and Alcohol Facts Week infographic
January 2018
Youth Smoking: Tobacco Use in Cuyahoga County
Youth Tobacco Use Infographic thumbnail
November 2017
Are Cuyahoga County High School Students Bullied?
Are Cuyahoga County High School Students Bullied? infographic thumbnail
October 2017
Increasing Rates of Suicide Ideation & Attempts among Cuyahoga County Teens
Suicide Prevention Month infographic September 2017
September 2017