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Youth Risk Behavior Survey
The Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) has been administered in secondary schools throughout Cuyahoga County with support from a variety of funders and community sponsors since 1995.  In 2008 the administrative and program components of the Center for Adolescent Health merged with the Center for Health Promotion Research, thus incorporating the YRBS project under one community surveillance umbrella.  The YRBS is a cross-sectional tool developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to track adolescent risk behavior over time.  The national YRBS has tracked the major causes of morbidity and mortality for adolescents since 1991.  Nationwide, the YRBS is conducted every two years among students in grades 9-12.  In Cuyahoga County, the YRBS is conducted every year (7-8 grades in even years and 9-12 grades in odd years).
This information is important to collect at the national level, and it is beneficial to collect this data on the local level in order to compare the risk behaviors of local teens with those of teens in other communities in Ohio as well as with those behaviors in other urban communities across the country. The survey is tailored to fit local needs and addresses a wide range of topics including, but not limited to: Behaviors that Contribute to Unintentional Injuries; Dietary Behaviors, Physical Activity, Obesity, Overweight, and Weight Control; Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana and Other Drug Use; Behaviors that Contribute to Violence; Sexual Behaviors; and Other Health Topics.
YRBS Data Collection & Analysis
The YRBS is conducted using a two-stage cluster sample design that mimics the sampling method of the CDC and its national YRBS.  In the first stage of sampling, schools are selected with probability proportional to school enrollment size.  This means that schools with larger enrollments have a greater chance of being selected to participate.  In the second stage of sampling, classrooms are selected in each chosen school.  Classroom selection is random, though schools are given the option to alternatively have the survey administered to the entire student body (i.e., every classroom).  All students in the selected classrooms are eligible to participate.

Data are collected in one of two ways: paper and pencil or electronically.  Paper and pencil surveys have been the method of choice in the past and are still used in most schools.  Responses from paper and pencil surveys are scanned onto computers and verified using Teleform software.  Recently, electronic based surveys were introduced and some schools chose this method of administration.  Qualtrics is used to design and collect individual responses electronically.  The electronic version of the survey saves time and money but is unfortunately not feasible for all surveyed schools.  Regardless of collection method, data are combined into one data set for the entire county.  Data are then weighted to the population of students within Cuyahoga County and analyses are conducted using the weighted data.

YRBS data have been collected from schools throughout Cuyahoga County at either the high school or middle school level every year since 2000.  The YRBS was also conducted at the city level as part of the Steps to a Healthier Cleveland program from 2005 to 2009.  While the PRCHN generally does all data management and weighting in-house, the Steps YRBS data was managed and weighted by Westat, an independent contractor with the CDC.
YRBS Report Updates
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2013 Quick Facts 
In Cuyahoga Co. high schools:
* 22.3% used tobacco in the past 30 days
* 32.1% drank alcohol in the past 30 days
* 22.9% used marijuana in the past 30 days
* 32.0% have had sex in the past 3 months 
* 28.6% are overweight or obese
* 21.6% ate 5+ fruits and vegetables daily 
* 37.9% played video games or computer for 3+ hours/day
* 47%  met recommended levels of physical activity 
* 7.4% missed school because they felt unsafe
* 14.5% were electronically bullied
* 25.6% experienced depressive sadness 
* 10.2% attempted suicide in the past year 
2014 Quick Facts  
In Cuyahoga Co. middle schools:
* 9.1% drank alcohol in the past 30 days
* 5.8% used marijuana in the past 30 days 
*  11.9% have ever had sex
* 29.1% are overweight or obese

* 25.1% ate 5+ fruits and vegetables daily
* 46.6% played video games or computer for 3+ hours/day
* 51.2% met recommended levels of physical activity
* 6.9% missed school because they felt unsafe
* 21.3% were electronically bullied
* 21.3% experienced depressive sadness
* 9.8% attempted suicide in the past year
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