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Research Working Groups

PRCHN Research Working Groups are comprised of academic and community partners that work collaboratively on a chronic disease prevention topic relevant to local communities. Academic partners bring research expertise in the topic, and community organizations and residents provide the local community expertise and knowledge. Together this will lead to the development of locally relevant research questions which can be used to address the chronic disease issues of the community.  So far we have convened a working group around the use of little cigars, and a nutrition-oriented food policy working group.

Please contact Sarah Jones at sgd16@case.edu for more information on the research working groups, including how to join one.
Little Cigar Research Working Group

Little cigar use is an increasing problem, particularly in urban African-American youth.  Local data confirms the trend of increasing use that community members and area organizations are witnessing.  The group has submitted a grant application to research little cigar use in young adults in Cleveland neighborhoods.  The topic "Little Cigars: Big Problem in a Small Wrapper" was also the first presentation in the Brown Bag Lunch Series.

PRCHN Research Working Group
Food Policy Research Working Group

The impact of a healthy diet on chronic disease prevention and treatment is well documented.  Currently in Northeast Ohio there is a lot of activity around food systems and access to fresh fruits and vegetables.  This is thanks in large part to the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Food Policy Coalition, which is a joint venture of Ohio State University Extension (Cuyahoga County branch) and the Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods.

The Food and Nutrition Policy Research Working Group brings together academics, community organizations, and community members to coordinate the direction of the research, food policy, and dissemination that will impact the chronic disease burden in the communities of Cleveland lacking sufficient access to healthy foods.

Projects being considered relate to improving the distribution of healthy foods to under-served neighborhoods through existing outlets, as was a component of the Center's previous Cleveland Corner Store Project.  The research working group has essentially become the research arm of the Food Policy Coalition. 
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