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Working with communities
from within to prevent
and reduce chronic disease.
A proud member of the National PRC Network, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Upcoming Events 
PRCHN Seminar
November 12:
"The Role of Self-Management in Managing Epilepsy and Reducing Complications"
Martha Sajatovic, PhD 

  PRCHN Seminar
December 10:
"IMPACT study: Ideas moving parents and adolescents to change together" 
Elaine Borawski, PhD

 PRCHN Seminar January 14:
"Behavior change interventions using social media: User generated approaches"
David Cavallo, PhD 

PRC Broadcast

Community: A Patchwork Quilt
Community: A Patchwork Quilt shines a light on the importance of community in our lives. It is a culminating activity by the Network of Community Advisers (NOCA) in celebration of the PRCHN's first five years.  
More than half of Cleveland's children live in poverty (and it's making them sick)
More than half of Cleveland's children live below the federal poverty rate. This makes it more difficult to secure stable, safe housing, nutritious food and quality, affordable daycare so that parents can work, It also takes a toll on childrens' health. 
Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods welcomes CDC director, senator on campus visit
CDC Director Frieden joined Sen. Brown to hear about the life-changing public health programs that the PRCHN is co-creating with public health officials and community partners to better serve disadvantaged and underserved urban neighborhoods. 
Parents Support Healthier School Food Policies by a 3-1 Margin
A new poll shows that the vast majority of parents of school-age children support national nutrition standards for school lunches.  
PRCHN Welcomes Senator Brown and Dr. Frieden
The PRCHN was proud to host Senator Sherrod Brown and CDC Director, Dr. Thomas Frieden yesterday. You can see the photos on our Facebook page! 
Gap in Diet Quality between Wealthiest and Poorest Americans Doubles, Study Finds
Higher food costs and limited supermarket access are barriers to a healthy diet 
Looking at Policies through a Health Lens
How does public policy affect your health? The Institute of Medicine has a great interactive infographic that explores this very subject. 
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